About the FilmThe Grand Rescue is a story about a rescue that became legend. In 1967, on the North Face of the Grand Teton, seven rescuers risked their lives to save a severely injured climber and his companion. The rescue took three harrowing days, pushed the team to the edge of their abilities, and cemented a lifelong bond. Remarkably, once safe, the injured climber publicly criticized the very men who risked their lives to save his. Looking back after 40 years, the rescuers and survivors recount the trial with a mixture of honesty and unabashed candor.

It was August 22nd around 2:00 pm when a young graduate student and his female climbing companion became stranded on a narrow ledge 13,000 feet high. A boulder had broken free and showered the climbers with rock fall leaving Gaylord Campbell with protruding compound fractures. The young national park rangers quickly went to work, relying on innate skill, instinct and trust. History was about to be made...the rescue was the first one on the feared North Face - an unprecedented rescue for its time, due to the climber's severe injuries and unknown terrain.

The Grand Rescue humbles us to the majestic Grand Teton, exposes the tenuous relationship of man and the mountain, reveals the endurance of the human spirit and recounts one of the most infamous rescues of its time.